“Cop Learns” Injured Pup Not A Regular Dog At All




Massachusetts State soldier Carlo Mastromattei thought he was watching a dog early in his patrol Sunday night.

After all, the caller stated that there was an injured puppy on the road.
Although Mastromattei found a puppy, it was not a dog. When he parked on the edge of the busy Revere Beach Parkway near Suffolk Downs, he spotted a scared little coyote puppy.

The soldier looked around but did not see the puppy’s mother anywhere. Mastromattei knew that the coyote baby could easily be knocked over by a car or otherwise hurt where he was.

Unfortunately, no one was available to help him. But Mastromattei was not about to abandon this puppy.
He decided to call Ocean View Kennels because he knew the owner of the niche, Lisa Cutting. The Ocean View kennels were happy to respond and helped Mastromattei put the coyote puppy in a crate. When she arrived, Cutting decided to name the puppy Carlo named Mastromattei.

“The baby coyote was leaning against the sidewalk with fear. He was frozen by fear, “Lisa Cutting told CBS Boston. “If they can be helped, saved, saved, rehabilitated, they deserve that chance. Put on my gloves. They grabbed a towel and a quarantine cage, took him away and made him safe. They all deserve and luck, and Carlo got it. ”

Mastromattei then brought the coyote puppy to his girlfriend’s house. They are both animal lovers and knew they could take care of the puppy overnight until he could be transported to Tufts Wildlife in North Grafton.

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Ocean View Kennel carried the puppy to Tufts Wildlife the next day. They were able to determine that the coyote puppy was in good health.
He now goes to a wildlife specialist in the Berkshires to be rehabilitated and acclimatized to life in the wild where he will eventually be released.