Corgi mother adopts orphaned Pit Bull puppies

In order to give the four little puppies the best possible chance, the rescuers decided to give them to Sara in the hope that she would take care of them in addition to her own puppies. They weren’t sure it would work – but as soon as Sara met the new puppies, she knew what to do.

“She took on all the responsibilities of mother,” Easley said.

sara cared for, cleaned and cared for the puppies just as she did herself. She adopted the little puppies into her family and now they are all her babies, whether she gave birth to them or not. Even though her original puppies are older and taller than the newcomers, they have fully accepted their new siblings, and it’s as if they’ve always been a family

“The two litters of puppies act as one… which is really strange because of the difference in age and development,” said Mr. Easley. “Corgi puppies behave even more gently with their orphaned siblings. They sleep together in one giant pile.”

Unfortunately, one of the four puppies was too weak and did not survive, but the other three are in great shape and growing up every day, thanks to Sara. Although no one knows exactly what breed they are, it is thought that they could be pit bull puppies, but only time will tell, as they continue to grow.

“They’re constantly gaining weight and moving,” Easley said. “They become puppies every day!”

Thanks to Sara’s love and maternal instinct, puppies are no longer orphans, but have a large loving family that will help them grow and learn until it’s time to leave and find the best homes forever

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