Couple adopts last dog left in shelter, disabled German Shepherd

Couple adopts the last dog left in the shelter, disabled German Shepherd

In the animal world, Black Friday means much more than crazy crowds and great savings. Many shelters are waiving their adoption fees over the Thanksgiving weekend to help pets in their care find accommodation for the holidays.

Shelter staff knew that Bryan would find it difficult to find accommodation as animals with disabilities often do. The adoption event – sponsored by Zappos.com and Best Friends Animal Society – was a resounding success, but it was heartbreaking to see the sweet Bryan, all alone among a sea of ​​empty cages.

Then a vacation miracle happened. Patti Mooers and her husband arrived at the shelter just in time to rescue Bryan in November! It turns out that the Mooers are not only fans of the German Shepherd, they also have experience in caring for disabled dogs. Their last German Shepherd used a wheelchair when he lost the use of his hind legs.open next Page To See More




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