couple goes to the shelter to donate material and finally adopts a nice 17-year-old dog

A couple moves to the shelter to donate material and finally adopts a nice 17-year-old dog



Almost four years ago, a compassionate young couple of dog lovers entered an animal shelter. It was December and the lovely couple, Beth and Michael, decided to start the holiday season with a spirit of generosity. They were going to give supplies to their local animal shelter.

The couple had no intention of adopting a pet when they visited Anne Arundale County Animal Control. But that was before they met Rocky.

Beth and Michael have learned that poor Rocky has been a rotating resident of the shelter for 3 years since 2012. The sweet old dog was already 17 when they met him. Unfortunately, at first sight, the unfortunate toddler would spend his last days in a congested kennel.

Fortunately, Rocky’s luck was about to turn around. The couple could not resist his pretty face. Beth and Michael both felt an immediate connection with the lonely old dog.
“We were there to donate all sorts of things that I gathered with my military community and I saw rocky steps in and I could not stop thinking about that adorable old face. The next thing I know is to go with Rocky! Beth exclaimed enthusiastically in an interview with Bored Panda.

The two worshipers brought their new furbaby back home just before Christmas, giving them plenty of time to make sure Rocky’s first Christmas with his eternal family was the best ever! ”


After adopting Rocky, Beth’s heart was so filled with love for her that she decided to express her feelings in a beautiful letter. She wrote to Rocky to tell him about his blessing and promised that she would be there for him until the end, until his last breath.Open next Page To See more


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