couple goes to the shelter to donate material and finally adopts a nice 17-year-old dog

Beth shared her letter with the Anne Arundel County Animal Shelter and in turn, they posted the letter on their Facebook page:
“I understood you know that we would have to take better care of you. Knowing that one day you were not going out in time to use the toilet and that I had to clean it, I knew that one day I would have to carry you up the stairs when you would not have the strength to make. I knew that you would end up losing your hearing and your sight and that we had to spend extra money to make the house safer for you. I knew that one day I should say goodbye. But until then, you’re the best gift I’ve ever received and I’m really sad that I can not give you the best 17 years you deserve, but I promise you that you’ll have a good life now until the day I have to say goodbye. ! ”

Rocky took almost no time to get used to living a pleasant life with his beloved humans. The caring couple made sure that Rocky never goes without.
All his needs have been met with love and kindness. They made sure to provide Rocky with some key experiences that every dog ​​should have in life. Including and especially the joy of swallowing bowls of ice for dogs!

Rocky has become absolutely devoted to his wonderful humans.
He loved to dance and sing with them as he followed them through the house. One of her favorite hobby activities of all time was to calm Mom for pleasant and warm naps.

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“Rocky may have had bad years, but I promised him that as long as he stays, he will be filled with joy, love, and candy. He has certainly brought a missing puzzle piece into our lives and we are more than happy to be his parents, “said Beth.Open next Page To see more





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