Deployed soldier sends his shirt from abroad, his dog feels it and can not control his joy

A deployed soldier sends his shirt from abroad, his dog feels it and can not control his joy


Meet Brindle, one of the sweetest dogs you can hope to meet. He’s a nice guy, but if he has one thing he likes more than anything in the world, it’s the closeness to his humans, JD and Rachel Aument. Brindle’s parents saved him while he was a puppy. The cute little dog was delighted to go home with his family forever.

It turns out that Brindle is also not the only dog ​​of JD and Rachel.
They also have their beloved dog Alex. While both dogs are dedicated to their parents and love them equally, each is closer to one parent than the other. According to Rachel, Alex is more connected to her while Brindle is no longer a daddy boy.

The only problem with this is that Brindle’s father was deployed to the Army Reserve as a firefighter and was sent very far from Brindle. JD had been deployed abroad last year and his dog had a lot of trouble with him. The poor dog missed his father beyond words.

“He’s so sad without him here. He loves me, do not get me wrong, but I’m not his person. He has days sitting in front of the window crying, “says Rachel in an interview with The Dodo.

Last March, about 9 months after her deployment, Rachel told JD that her poor dog had exceptional difficulty managing her absence. Brindle was missing something fierce and JD wanted to do something to make things easier for him. Wondering how to comfort a dog from overseas, JD thought of the perfect plan.

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JD sent his dog a “stinky” shirt, unwashed, that still smelled.







Rachel introduced the shirt to Brindle, and the heartbroken dog immediately started jumping for joy.
As his cock swings briskly back and forth, Brindle places the shirt on the floor and begins rubbing his body against her again and again. Brindle obviously knew exactly who the shirt was.

“He immediately knew it was JD’s shirt. There was no doubt about it. I was crying so much by recording her reaction, “recalls Rachel.

Brindle was not alone in feeling comforted by his father’s smelly gift. Rachel said that she too was moved when she saw what was in the package.

“I miss him so much and this was the first time any of us had felt him for almost 10 months,” said Rachel.
Before she can put her husband’s shirt back to her beloved dog, Rachel admits she stole a brief moment with herself.
“I had to take a minute with the t-shirt for myself before sharing with Brindle,” she admits.


Of course, Alex and Rachel are delighted to have JD at home and safe with them too. JD’s thoughtful gesture touched his entire family through his long absence, his furbabies and others. If you want to see Brindle’s incredible reaction to a stinky shirt from his father, watch the video below.




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source image :Facebook/Rachel Aument