Depressed Old [Dog] Just Stares Blankly At The Wall After Being Returned To The Shelter Three Times

Princess Bulldog waits for 980 days a house. It’s not that her rescuers did not try to find her. But she has lived more than two and a half years in temporary foster homes, failed adoptions and life in a kennel. Princess currently resides in a boarding school, where she is loved by volunteers and rescuers who make sure to walk, play and attract a lot of attention. But the 8-year-old dog shows signs of depression, probably because she still has not found a family to love her enough to keep her.


Photo credit: Facebook / Princess the Bulldog

In January 2013, her 6-year-old family delivered her to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona. They moved and did not want to take him with them.

Because of her age (Princess was about 6 years old at the time) and her race, Princess quickly found herself on the casualty list. Fortunately for her, Elena Bobu, who works with Rescue Pals, noticed her and came to rescue her. Open next Page to see More






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