Dog ‘best man’ is not quite ready to give his mother away

Dog ‘best man’ is not quite ready to give his mother away

Matthew and Nambok Howard wanted a wedding day they would never forget. And thanks to their diesel rescue bulldog, they had that.

Diesel has always had a great personality, so his parents knew that involving him in the ceremony was a risk. Yet, they could not imagine their special day without him.

“Diesel is a bit of a show thief,” Matthew Howard told Dodo, “so I should have known he would try something to get everyone’s attention.”

On the wedding day, the couple’s four dogs were present – Diesel acting as “best man”.

Howard planned the wedding in every detail. The only thing he could not plan for Diesel’s behavior.



Indeed, the excitement was too strong for the puppy.

“He watched my partner be driven and then walk down the aisle. He was very excited to see her, thinking he might be able to get a car, “Howard said. When my wife took her place at the altar, Diesel instinctively sniffed her pants, then a little out of her character, decided that the place where she was standing should be hers.Open next Page To See More pic 





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