“Dog Breaks” Out Of Kennel To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies

You can never take the mother out of a dog as this heartwarming story demonstrates. When a pair of rescue puppies named Kari and Hannah arrived from a rescue to temporarily stay at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, the staff fell in love with them and so did one of their temporary guests.


Maggie, an Australian Shepherd Cross, was filmed by surveillance cameras coming out of her kennel and visiting the puppies to comfort them.

“We see a lot of adorable things here in Barkers but this story takes the cake …” Barker’s Pet Motel of Alberta, Canada writes on Facebook.

Maggie must have heard the pups crying because she let herself out of her kennel and lay down next to them.

Kari and Hannah belong to the Alberta Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and are cared for at Barker’s, who often house dogs when they are saved when they do not have enough foster homes. In this case, both puppies were comforted by another rescue dog! Open next Page To See More



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