Dog Dad spends 3 hours trimming the pumpkin to look exactly like his Pomeranian


Andy loves to dress his dogs for Halloween. Here, they are all dressed as adorable superheroes. Looks like we have a Batman, a Superman, a Wonderwoman, and even a Captain America!

dogs Halloween

Sophie was the lucky Pomeranian who was chosen as a muse for Andy’s pumpkin carving. You can see why her adorable features would be perfect for any artwork, especially those dedicated to Halloween!

Andy started by drawing Sophie on the pumpkin. Honestly, this sketch is very good. The detail makes us think that he is probably an artist. Just note how it handles its fur!

Using an X-Acto knife, Andy carefully carved his fur in the pumpkin. That alone took him hours of hard work on a gourd! You really have to give it to this guy. He loves his art projects! Open next Page To see more



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