Dog disappears without a trace: 27 days later, the family’s other dog begins to act strange


Like us humans, each dog is unique. While some dogs almost never want to leave their beds, others like to run around in the woods and chase away all the exciting smells they encounter. My dog ​​likes to run free and I know she will always come when I call her.

But, unlike cats, we dog owners worry when our dogs do not return home because they are not as independent as our feline friends.

A family from Saskatchewan, Canada knows all about how it feels to lose one of their beloved dogs.

Even though John and Cindy Billesberger searched everywhere, they couldn’t find their Labrador Bruno. The days turned into weeks and still no sign of it; the family was worried.

When Bruno had been gone for 27 days, the family was outside walking their other two dogs 800 meters from their home when their other dogs started acting weird in a particular area.

John decided to continue the investigation.

that’s when he discovered a 10-foot-deep hole he’d never seen before, likely an old abandoned well. And at the bottom lay Bruno, the Huffington Post reports.open next Page to See VEDIO






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