Dog Dumped In Cardboard Box Rescued By Neighbors Who Refused To Look The Other Way

This is becoming more and more common in US neighborhoods. Dogs are abandoned by owners who do not want them anymore, letting others pick up pieces of a broken-hearted, sometimes broken animal. Joey is one of those dogs. He was abandoned on the sidewalk with blankets and a bowl of water in a Miami neighborhood
That’s how Julian Rovito, a resident, heard about him for the first time. “We found it in the corner, in a makeshift cottage made from a box,” Julian told Reshareworthy.com. “We have a neighborhood blog that has alerted us to the situation.” Soon, Joey mobilized a number of good-hearted residents to help him.



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At first, Joey was afraid anyone would approach, so they took care of his immediate needs. They covered his cardboard box with a tarp to prevent rain from entering. They gave him extra blankets and gave him food and water. And they kept an eye on him.

After a few days, they finally managed to lure him into a crate with food and took him to the Alton Road Animal Hospital, where he is currently being cared for.Open next Page To see More





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