Dog Dumped In Cardboard Box Rescued By Neighbors Who Refused To Look The Other Way



He has had some health problems for a long time, but thanks to donations from animal lovers and veterinarians who care for him, Joey’s future is much more promising than a week ago.


Animal Recovery Mission, a Miami-based rescue group, has also asked for help. “The animal recovery mission helps and guides us along the way … they will help us put him in foster care to continue his recovery,” Julian said.

Joey was quick to move from the foster home to the adoption home through Animal Recovery Mission and was adopted soon after his rescue.

“Joey is calming down,” wrote his new mom, Cynthia Cruz Ortiz, on his Facebook page, after bringing him home. “At first, he just wanted to hang out by his bowl. Then he dragged us on the patio with mosquito net. He ends up sitting on his new pillow and getting ready to relax for the day. He manages all this superbly. He is so great. ”

I have nothing but praise for Julian and all the neighbors who have come together to help Joey in his desperate need! Please share his rescue story with your friends if you agree too!



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