dog enters the house next door to join the children’s bath every night

A few weeks ago, Aida’s parents noticed that she had disappeared in the evening and assumed she was going to play with Cashew – until their neighbors let them know that Aida had decided to take part bathing their children.

“Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aida sitting in their bathtub,” Akehurst said. “We think it was the first time she did it.”

Aida’s parents found it absolutely hysterical because the obstinate dog generally hated taking a bath – but for some reason, she was quite willing to do it as long as her favorite children were involved.

Now, most nights before bedtime, Aida goes to her neighbor’s house to participate in bath time. It’s become his new favorite thing and neighbors love to have it there, of course.

“She’ll join them at bath time every time,” Akehurst said.

At this point, Aida and Cashew are about equal, so it makes sense that she has the opportunity to participate in all the fun activities of the family of neighbors, even at bath time.

“I’m pretty sure our neighbors like to have it, just as we like to have Cashew come in,” Akehurst said. “Aida and Cashew are good friends and have a very strong connection. They are both considered important members of our families.

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