dog fights coyotes and protects a teenager for two days after a car accident – now called a hero

Joseph and Sako are the only ones who came out alive, his aunt and friend were killed by the impact. To make matters worse, the accident occurred in a fairly isolated area, which meant that Joseph and his dog were rather isolated. The car crashed into a steep slope, preventing the drivers of the road from seeing or hearing them.

Although Joseph survived, he was seriously injured and his leg was broken.
The bone even protruded from his leg, and Joseph could not bear his own weight or even walk. The young man lost consciousness several times, but he still remembers that Sako was the one who was always by his side and even placed himself on Joseph’s bloody head to control his temperature.

“I felt my head and looked at my hand and it was full of blood,” says the teenager. “Sako lay down on me and kept me warm.
What Sako did next, ended up saving Joseph’s life.
The night was about to fall, but Sako knew exactly what she had to do. He managed to catch pieces of wood and bring them closer to his owner who could not move to make fire. He also discovered a stream that was not so far away, which allowed Joseph to hydrate.



However, there was another challenge awaiting them that was perhaps the scariest one of all.



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