Dog Found With Rubber Bands Around His Muzzle That ‘Cut Him To The Bone’


This post contains graphic pictures that may be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised.




The St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education located in Murphysboro, Illinois, was contacted by the local shelter to help a dog suffering from severe malnutrition. The owner eventually turned over two neglected dogs to local police and when they were brought to the shelter, one of them had rubber bands wrapped tightly around his mouth.

A monster wrapped rubber bands around a dog’s muzzle and let it suffer. He was rushed into surgery when staff discovered that the rubber bands had passed through the skin and bones.

The poor dog was unable to eat or drink, and from his condition, they guessed that the rubber bands had been in place for at least a week. The staff were heartbroken and furious that someone could intentionally hurt a sweet dog.

“These horrible Rubberbands have cut its circulation!
These nasty rubber bands cut his skin deeply!
These vile Rubberbands cut him off at the OS!
These disgusting elastic bands cut through all types of fabrics!
But, these horrible Rubberbands did not cut the sweet and gentle attitude of this little guy! “open nex Page to see what happens 





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