Dog Freaks Out Over Her New Snow Goggles

Dog Freaks Out Over Her New Snow Goggles
Maple is a very energetic dog and regularly does fun activities like swimming, snowboarding, and running. As she spends so much time outdoors and on the go, her mother has decided to bring her some equipment to help her stay safe and happy during her many adventures.


“I wanted to buy protective glasses because she swims completely underwater with her eyes open and always hangs out by the window [of the car] / to do activities, so on Black Friday, they went on sale, so I ‘bought it, “Jessica Dylan Mann, Maple mom,

. Mann started putting glasses on Maple whenever she thought her eyes could use a little extra protection, and one day, after a massive snowstorm, she tried to put them on Maple while she was playing in the snow. She tied the glasses and took Maple outside – and when the excited dog realized she could “see” in the snow with her new glasses, she completely lost her mind. Open next Page To See More.



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