“Dog Mom” And Her 9 Puppies Found Abandoned And Sealed In A Box So They Couldn’t Escape

A sealed cardboard box was found at the Puntzi Lake outlet in British Columbia, Canada, with a dog and nine newborn puppies inside.

Someone left the dog and sealed it in the box to make sure he could not get out. However, a good-hearted person found the dogs and immediately took them to the vet.

At that time, the mother dog was incredibly thin and malnourished. Apparently, she gave birth a week before their discovery. Despite her poor health, she continued to look after and feed her puppies.

After spending the night at the vet, the family was later transferred to a non-profit organization called the British Columbia Society (BC SPCA). The BC SPCA is dedicated to the protection of abused animals and actively combats cruelty to animals.Click “Next button” to continue reading and remember to share with your friends on Facebook



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