Dog on euthanasia list helped mom feed 200 rescue puppies

Dog on euthanasia list helped mom feed 200 rescue puppies

Kilo is a dog who did not have an easy start to life. He remained hungry in a miserable backyard where he was used to raise puppies after puppy litter until he was finally left in a killing shelter in California.

It was there that he met Candice Miller, who was a volunteer. At the time, she herself had three dogs and she no longer wanted to take them. However, there was something about Kilo that made her feel bad for him.

He spent most of his time at the bottom of his cage, finally approaching Miller with great reluctance. But no matter how much it helped him build his confidence in humans, he still lacked the confidence to arouse the interest of potential adopters. And as a result, after two months, he was put on the list for euthanasia.

On the last day, Miller contacted the shelter, only to learn that Kilo had been placed in the detention area before being taken to the killing room. She immediately got into her car, rushing to save him.

“The rest was history,” said Miller. “Kilo came into my life at a time when I needed him the most … We both had bad things, but together we are absolutely happy and healthy.”

As Miller soon discovered, Kilo was a very loving addition to his offspring. Shortly after his arrival, Miller welcomed Penny, 3 days old, an orphaned puppy who needed constant care.open next Page To See More


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