Dog Owners Warned After Razor Blade Found Hidden Inside Tennis Ball Left At Park

Dog owners and pet walkers are advised to be on extra alert after tennis balls were found stuffed with razor blades inside.

The Greater Manchester UK police are investigating after a small Stanley knife blade was found inside two tennis balls that two puppies had picked up in Lyme Park in the Stockport area, which is a suburb of Manchester. It was posted on the Stockport Crime Watch Facebook page by the owner of the dogs that were not the only tennis balls found in the park. Bullets had been hidden in the reeds, placed there by someone intentionally. The goal was to harm the dogs in the park. The owner of the puppies


The incident was reported to local police and park wardens. But the Facebook post gets a lot of attention – the original post said:


This ball containing a new razor blade inside was picked up by my dogs in the reeds adjacent to the Knott car park at the end of Lyme Park at 6:00 p.m. on May 24. He was trafficked by someone who clearly has malicious intentions towards dogs. My puppies took him back to the car and chewed him. We found this vicious razor blade inside. The life of the responsible pond may use poison or there may be more doctored bullets nearby. Lyme police and rangers were notified and assigned an incident number IML410822. Please notify them of any new developments.open next Page to see More


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