Dog Refuses To Go Anywhere Without His Look-A-Like Stuffed Animal That He Grew Up With

It is not uncommon to see children very attached to a stuffed animal and refuse to go anywhere without them, it is not the same for our pets. But they too can become very attached to their stuffed animals and refuse to do anything without them. This is the case of Barley, a Golden Retriever aged one year and living in Amsterdam. He refuses to go anywhere without his fluffy stuffed dog. “puppys”

Barley owner Zita Butler bought the plush toy for Barley when he first adopted it as a welcome gift for your new home gift.

At that moment, Butler was hoping the toy would help Orge settle in and he’d like it, but she was not prepared for the price that Barley was going to give to Fluffy. He refuses to do anything – whether it’s walking around the house or hanging out – without taking Fluffy in his mouth.
Barley and Fluffy are an inseparable couple at this point – so much so that neighbors in the neighborhood recognize and love the iconic duo by taking pictures of them during their walks. Open next Page to see Video




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