dog rushes home every day so he can go to bed



A dog rushes home every day so he can go to bed

King has only been with his family for a few months, but they can already say that napping will always be one of his favorite activities.

“He’s playful and loves affection, but he also likes to take a big nap,” King’s father Claye Jackson told the Dodo.

The day he first came home, King’s family gave him a soft little bed to sleep on – and he’s been obsessed with it ever since.

King loves his bed so much that he can’t wait to go back whenever they’re separated. Towards the end of his walks, he starts running as fast as he can …

… and dives straight into his bed once he’s finally back there.

“He does it every time after a walk,” Jackson says. “He starts to run faster towards the end of his walk, he knows the way back.” open next Page to See Video







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