Dog sees a picture of herself and falls completely in love

The dog sees a picture of herself and falls completely in love

“She immediately made her way through the gifts and people to look at each other.”

Addy is one of the four dogs in her family, and she is the one responsible. Her family describes her as being impertinent, authoritarian, stupid and stubborn, and she loves him for that.

“What she prefers are my mother’s slippers, she will steal them repeatedly no matter where they are, she will ask my mother to chase her through the house and then exchange it for a treat”, told The Dodo Katelynn Reed, Addy’s human sister. “She also cuddles them when my mother is not at home. She is responsible and will bother you tirelessly until you leave the couch she sees as hers. Addy is an entire mood. ”

The family loves all their dogs and loves to take pictures of them.

“We have a lot of Addy because she’s always in the forefront to get attention or to have fun,” said Reed. “She turns it on for the camera.”

Last Christmas, Reed decided to make portraits of each dog and offer them to her mother so she could proudly display them around her house. Addy had an absolute blast during her photo shoot, of course – but it was nothing compared to her reaction when she saw the finished product.





As soon as Reed’s mother opened Addy’s picture, she turned it over so that Addy could also look at it – and at once Addy made her way across the room, passing everyone’s gifts to see each other better…

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“When my mother opened the picture, she was so happy that she said,” Thank you very much Addy, you are beautiful, “said Reed,” She immediately pioneered herself through the gifts and the people for She looked at me literally, so I called her name and told her that she seemed to be full of herself.

Addy was so obsessed with photography and could not help but look at her. She seemed so proud that her adorable face was framed and offered as a Christmas present.

Now, every time Mom shows the photo to the guests, Addy is right next, beaming proudly towards the photo she has worked so hard to help her capture. She may seem a little full of herself, but can you blame her? Look at this face!



source: Katelynn Reed