Dog-Shaped Cloud Is Undeniable Proof That All Dogs Go To Heaven

A recent photo takes Internet storming, for good reason. The picture of a dog-shaped cloud is not only beautiful; it’s proof that all dogs go to heaven.


Dog owners go through so much grief when their dogs cross the Rainbow Bridge. It is a sorrow that people who have not lost a pet rarely understand.

You hear “But they are not like your children, are they?” Or my favorite, “He was just a pet.”

It’s not only exasperating, but it’s a complete BS! Losing a pet is losing a piece of yourself.

So when this photo came out, it was a simple and beautiful reminder: our best friends, our furkids, the dogs that steal our hearts and never return them, really go to heaven.

Could this cloud in the sky remind us that our dogs are still watching us, protecting us? Would it be a message from God?

Here is a closer look:

The picture above is not the first ‘Dog Cloud’ recorded. Discover this beautiful dog jumping in the sky! WOW! Discover this next cloud >> Click to continue reading this story. . .





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