Dog-shaped clouds have convinced people that all dogs really go to heaven

When we lose a person, people often believe that their loved one has moved into another dimension. That they are now angels, without limit in their ability to watch over those they have left behind. But if there is one thing about dogs, it is that they are the guardians of their owners.

So it would make just as much sense for us to see a dog in the clouds and believe that it is an angel than to see a human in the clouds and conclude the same thing.

Our dogs are our family, after all.
If we can believe that our family members are going to heaven, why not get the puppies out too? When a dog dies, many people say they have “crossed the bridge of the rainbow”, but where does this bridge go? Well, if you’re a dog lover, you already know the answer to that question.

Anyone who has a special connection with a dog can tell you that it has a soul just as much as people. When we lose our beloved furbabies, it is comforting to believe that their souls will live for eternity. That one day we might see them again.

Thus, when clouds appear in the dog-shaped sky, it makes perfect sense to believe that there is a dog angel among us.

It turns out that dogs have already appeared in the clouds for people.
Many people have managed to take a picture of this dog cloud phenomenon. It’s not just in the photos either. Many people recount strange experiences they had shortly after losing a loved one.

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Whether it’s their favorite flower growing earlier than normal, a butterfly or a hummingbird flying nearby to say hello, or their best friend hanging out in the clouds, millions of people think these experiences are those of their loved ones who let them know they’re okay.

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