dog tries to comfort Simba during the sad scene of the [Lion King]

A dog tries to comfort Simba during the sad scene of the “Lion King”

Luna may be a sofa potato, but her mother, Alexa Moore, would not have it any other way.

The 9-month-old rescue dog loves nothing more than snuggling with her parents and watching a movie. “We both had dogs growing up and none of them were watching TV like Luna,” Moore said.

But there is one film that Luna loves above all others: “The Lion King”.

It all started when Moore started to notice something special every time Luna saw a preview of the Disney movie. “Whenever an advertisement” The Lion King “appeared, she was still interested,” said Moore. “I decided to open the Disney + app and play it. She immediately became interested in the film.

Like generations of children before her, the puppy was captivated by the lively classic. She pressed her face against the screen and began to look quietly. Luna is a sweet and empathetic dog. When she felt that her friends on the screen were hurting her, she became anxious.

This was particularly evident during the heartbreaking scene in which Simba discovers that his father Mufasa is trampled by a stampede. “She reacted in the cutest way,” Moore said. “She was following Simba on the screen and her ears were moving.”Open next Page To See Video More



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