Dog Waited Outside Empty Home For Weeks After Family Moved Away And Left Him



It’s hard to imagine how someone could walk away and leave their dog behind like it’s an old couch he no longer needs.

But that’s what happened to Cupid, a nice dog who was abandoned by his family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They left their home and left their four-legged companion behind.

He had no food or water. He couldn’t get into the house. He did not know where his family was or why he suddenly found himself alone.

He wandered the area for weeks, always returning to his “safe place”: the front porch of the place he had called his house.

It’s a heartbreaking story.

Fortunately, Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, received a call about the abandoned dog and immediately set out to save it.

But it was not easy to bring Cupid to her. Guido approached him several times, but he was frightened and uncertain. One time, in particular, he ran to the porch of his old house and gave a frantic paw to the door to enter. But his family was gone.

It broke Guido’s heart to see him desperately reaching out to the family who no longer loved him.open next Page To See More.












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