“Dog” Who Got Lost 4 Years Ago Can’t Believe He’s Seeing His Dad Again

Four years ago, Jack went missing from his yard in Ontario, Canada. His dad looked everywhere for him, but the 4-year-old dog was nowhere to be found, and his dad was absolutely devastated that he had lost his best friend.


“I did posts on social media, put up flyers, talked to people around the community and walked around the bushes and highway looking for signs,” Mike Plas, Jack’s dad, told The Dodo





Plas tried everything he could think of to find Jack and bring him home, but it seemed that Jack had disappeared for good — but Plas never gave up hope that he might see his best friend again someday.

“I always had a feeling he was somewhere,” Plas said.

Last week, Plas was at work when he got the call he thought would never come: Jack had been found.Open next Page To see More









In one way or another, Jack had found himself in Winnipeg, eight hours away from the scene of his disappearance. He was found wandering along the same road as Centennial Animal Hospital, and someone hugged him and brought him here to be safe. As soon as he was brought in, the hospital staff scanned him for a microchip and immediately called his father to let him know they had his dog.

Plas could not believe that after four long years, he was finally going to see his best friend on all fours.

“I was crying for joy when I learned that they had it in a pet hospital, alive and well,” said Plas.
That night, after work, Plas and his girlfriend started the long drive to Winnipeg. They stopped overnight to rest and arrived at Centennial Animal Hospital the next day. After hearing his story, everyone was so excited to be able to help bring Plas and Jack together – and the moment they were together again, it was like no time had run out.

“They took him away and [I] instantly felt that my life was back to normal,” Plas wrote in a Facebook post.

As soon as Jack sees his father again, he can no longer contain his enthusiasm. He cried, jumped and rolled over his best friend, who had missed him so much. He was so happy to finally be back in his father’s arms.

Jack is now back home with his dad and is doing fine. He is very protective of his father because he does not want to lose him anymore and rarely leaves his side. He returns to the life he lost and his father is very grateful to all the people who helped bring him home.

“I have recovered much of my life from which I have never recovered,” said Plas. “He’s more than a pet for me. He looks more like a brother. ”






source: The DoDo