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Pitbull attacks pedophile and rescues 11-year-old girl


There is a lot of evil on our planet and every day we learn new stories that break our hearts. Children, being more fragile, are exposed to countless life-threatening dangers. However, when there are canine heroes in the area, everything becomes easier!

An 11-year-old girl was walking with her dog when something unexpected happened… The innocent child was attacked by a pedophile! His Pit Bull was muzzled, but that didn’t stop him from protecting his beloved daughter.

The incident occurred in St. Petersburg and, according to the police department, the pedophile grabbed the girl by the legs with the intention of dragging her into a nearby forest. In desperation, the faithful dog got rid of the muzzle and attacked the criminal.

With no way to deal with Pit Bull, the pedophile eventually escaped. Thanks to the extremely protective dog, everything went well for the innocent child. An investigation has already been launched and police hope to identify the monstrous man. Let’s hope he’ll be behind bars soon!

Although they are labeled as aggressive and dangerous, Pit Bulls are dogs that love humans unconditionally. Share this story to honor this canine hero!

Source: Ayoye


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