[Dog] With Short Spine Who Was Found As A Stray Has Nothing But Love In His Heart

Found as a wanderer and taken to a shelter in the south, we do not know much about the past life of Quasimodo. The German shepherd is known to have short spine syndrome. He is one of 13 known dogs in the world with this rare genetic disease.


Almost would be about 5 years old and was saved by Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota. He arrived at their rescue a few days ago. Although he has not yet been evaluated, the rescue group said that “he is a nice, wonderful and kind boy

The rare genetic disease causes a twisted spine, which can cause health problems with its internal organs later in life. The condition of the spine can be the result of reproduction in the backyard. Two other dogs with the same spinal disease, Pig and Cuda, found a loving home, whatever their needs.



On his second day with his rescuers, Quasi is seeing a vet assess his condition. Here he is getting an x-ray. He seems very relaxed about it all. Open next Page To see Video






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