[Dogs] Generally Don’t Attack Without Reason. Human’s Are Usually To Blame.



Dog attacks are so common in the news that it is easy to ignore them. However, there is a reason why wild and even family dogs break – and it’s not even their fault.

Just like a human, if a dog feels all the love in the world, he or she will be the happiest of campers. However, if he feels misunderstood – or even hated – then the wolf’s natural instinct comes into play, which often leads to bad behavior or (in extreme circumstances) an attack.

The key to keeping your dog calm and relaxed is to always treat him with understanding and respect.

The humans most at risk of being attacked by a dog are adult men and children aged five to nine. This is because these demographics are most likely to impose their will on others with force or aggression.

Dominance-based confrontation often generates stress, and subsequent anxiety and fear in any animal, human and canine.open next Page to See More




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