Dogs get together to pose for the cutest Christmas crib

Dogs get together to pose for the cutest Christmas crib
The tree is lit, the decorations are in place and the Christmas season is in full swing. But nothing celebrates the true meaning of holidays like the display of a manger.

The scene of the birth of Jesus in a crib, surrounded by animals and wise, is a must for the holidays, whether it is characters illuminated on your lawn or schoolchildren on Sunday that reconstitute live at the mass.

But sometimes people get a bit creative with their scenes … as a dog groomer who made the most adorable Nativity scene, the Internet has never seen.

Jo Kingston runs a dog walking and grooming business called Wags to Riches in Leicestershire, England. Around Christmas 2017, the company became viral thanks to a very funny photo.

The groomers decided to take their beautiful dogs and create a fully canine Nativity Scene!

The costumes were pretty simple: the dogs were wrapped in napkins to look like the robes of a traditional Nativity scene.

The sweetest part of everything is probably a little puppy coming out of the manger and playing the Baby Jesus.

Internet quickly fell in love with the photo, which has been retweeted more than a thousand times.

“I woke up and someone tagged me in this picture saying,” Jo, you’ve become viral, “Jo told the BBC. “I had so many people who sent me messages.”

“I was not expecting that at all.”open next Page To See more




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