Dog’s tongue almost halved after being stuck in the rubber ball

Dog’s tongue almost halved after being stuck in the rubber ball

This message contains graphic images that may disturb some. The discretion of viewers recommended.

Dogs love to play with toys, and while parents try to find safe toys, some situations are unexpected.

Large dogs are usually given stronger toys that they cannot easily tear apart or destroy. Most toys are made of rubber or a ball to play with. Although rubber is not easy to destroy, dogs left unattended during play can be in trouble.

Helen and James Hartley were horrified when they found the tongue of their Labrador stuck in a rubber toy. Apparently, their dog named Poppy managed to catch his tongue in the air hole of a rubber bullet. The couple found Poppy with her tongue stuck after coming home from work one day and did not know how long she had been stuck. After having difficulty removing the ball, they finally managed to remove it.

Poppy started acting weird, so the couple transported their beloved daughter to the Foxhall Veterinary Clinic in Ruskington, Lincolnshire. After being examined, Poppy ate a treat, so she was prescribed medication to help with the swelling and she was to return the next day for an examination.

As the days went on, Poppy’s language did not improve but began to smell bad. The parts of her tongue that were stuck in the rubber toy became necrotic and had to be removed. Open Next Page To See more

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