Elderly Dog Adopted Then Abandoned Attached To Rail 48 Hours Later

Elderly Dog Adopted Then Abandoned Attached To Rail 48 Hours Later

At age 11, Max was placed with the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT Philly) when his family moved. It seemed like the puppy had a second chance to live its golden years in a loving home when it was adopted again. But barely 48 hours later, the neighbor of a volunteer discovered him tied to a rail in the cold, abandoned.

This volunteer, Monica S. da Costa, was both sorry and repelled by the abandonment of Max, she shared on Facebook.

“So I woke up this morning to a message from a neighbor saying that last night at 11 p.m. she found a dog tied to her railing – someone had left it there. The night. In the cold.”

da Costa recognized Max from the shelter and brought him so that he had a place to stay. She has a few other animals and could not keep him for the long term, but she refused to send him back to the shelter where he could be euthanized.

No one was able to get in touch with Max’s adopters.

Marianna Schreiner is the puppy’s ACCT Philly “Pen Pal” and is no less devastated by her fate. Since 2009, the ACCT Philly Pen Pal program has brought long-term residents of the shelter and dogs with stress to the kennel together with dedicated Pen Pal volunteers. The Pen Pals work with dogs one-on-one on training and socialization. They also promote their paired dog for foster care and adoption and follow up Open nex Page To See more


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