Every day this stray dog offers a leaf to a local woman in trade for food

The life of a stray dog ​​is definitely very difficult. While dogs that have a permanent home are always safe, live dogs wander to find a safe place and food is always in danger. They do not know what is the next step to come.

Foraging is one of the real challenges they face every day. Sometimes they are lucky to find it easier, while most of the time they have to dig deeper. Fortunately, good people still exist and feed these poor creatures from time to time.

In today’s story, the dog does not like taking free food. In exchange, he gives a sheet. Fond my heart.

“Every day he shows up with an object in his mouth – usually a sheet and sometimes a piece of paper. Before feeding other dogs, you must feed Tua Plu and his mother. ”

This wandering dog from Krabi, in exchange for his food, brings a leaf to the woman who feeds him. It looks like he’s doing business with her. Such an intelligent puppy, paying for his food. Not all dogs do it, but only special dogs like this one.

The name of the dog we are talking about is Tua Plus, which translates to “winged bean”. The video of this type of exchange hit the Internet and won the hearts of many people. People even call for the adoption of this sweet furry friend.

This is what Facebook user Orawan Kaewla-it wrote when publishing the video, Open next Page To see Viedo


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