Family adopts the oldest dog in the shelter – give her the best life until she lets them know it’s time

Most families who want to adopt a dog are focused on the puppy’s room. They are attracted to these little guys because of their youthful energy and their ability to grow old with their families. Besides, they are… so adorable.

Unfortunately, this focus on puppy adoptions leaves older generations neglected.
As it is much more challenging to place an elderly dog ​​in a house, many of them are euthanized when shelters lack space.


One family was well aware of this and knew she had to bring home one of the older dogs from the shelter.

Melissa Davis and her daughter Raven went on a mission to a BARC animal shelter in Baltimore. They would find one of the elders and offer him the best house possible.

At the shelter, they met Kaylee, an 11-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, who cared for her after her owners could no longer afford it.

“Nobody wants an old dog. People think that puppies are more energetic. I do not want them to die in a shelter, “said Raven at Baltimore Sun.

The family has welcomed Kaylee in all its glory as elderly citizens. She had kidney disease, torn ACL, and thyroid carcinoma. Melissa and Raven did not care. They were determined to make sure that the dog felt loved in his last days.

The family wasted no time in setting up a Facebook page to document Kaylee’s list of things to do.
They also participated in the Holiday Wishes campaign of the PetCo Foundation, where they obtained a US $ 10,000 grant for the BARCS program. Open next Page To See Video


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