Family surprises boy at school with lost dog

Family surprises boy at school with lost dog

Holidays are not about what’s under the tree; it is who you are with that counts. And no one understands this better than Carter Licata and her dog, Piper.

The 2-year-old pug loves everyone in his family, but his bond with his brother is special. “It was love at first sight for both of them,” Carter Lic’s mother April Licata told the Dodo.

But the family’s vacation season was almost destroyed when the unthinkable happened – Piper is gone.

Last month, Licata left Piper and her other dog outside to go to the bathroom. But when she opened the door to let them in, Piper was nowhere in sight.

The family searched everywhere, posted on social media, and contacted neighbors and community groups. They prayed for Piper to return safely, but as the days turned to weeks, they feared they would never see their pug again.

“We were all sick,” said Licata. “The older kids wanted nothing to do with decorating the Christmas tree, and it was a very dark Thanksgiving for them.”

Then Licata received a Facebook message from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. A dog matching Piper’s description had been dropped off at the shelter by someone who wanted to remain anonymous. “My husband and I were going out for dinner, and honestly, there was an uproar in the truck,” said Licata. “We were shocked and delighted!”

Carter was out of town when they heard about Piper, so they decided to keep it a secret and surprise him with a special meeting when he returned. Piper wandered around the house looking for his brother until the day of the meeting finally arrived. Open next Page To See Video.


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