Fatal detour leads man to rescue frightened dog stuck on busy road


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The fatal detour leads man to rescue frightened dog stuck on a busy road

After saving 123 animals, Calvin Tucker became a local hero in the Alabama lifeguard community, where he spends his days feeding the community’s cats. But Tucker, who some also call Black Noah, didn’t even know he was a cat man until 2017 when a tiny gray kitten came to his workplace meowing to ask for help.

“The way he looked at me touched my heart,” Tucker told the Dodo. “Then I went back inside and took crackers and gave them to him. The next day, when I arrived, he was waiting for me at 7 a.m.

But since Tucker adopted the gray kitten, Henry, needy animals have continued to cross his path. This is how Tucker drove home and suddenly felt compelled to take another outing, although this unusual route takes him several kilometers longer than his usual journey.go to next Page to See More











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