[Former Michael] Vick Fighting” Dog” Spends His Days Snuggling With His Kitty Friends

Everyone has a story, but Cherry Garcia’s is particularly special. Cherry was rescued from the famous illegal dogfighting ring on Michael Vick’s property in 2007. It’s been a difficult road, but after three years of rehabilitation, she was adopted into a forever home in 2010. Cherry has become a sweet and loving dog and enjoys swimming, spending time with her family and her kittens



Yes, you read that right. Cherry loves kittens! She also likes older cats and has two. Her owners say that every time Cherry meets cats and kittens, it’s as if all the stress of her life is gone. She takes her job as a cat nanny very seriously and even had the opportunity to show off her talents. When the Bark Post website and friends of Berlin Animal Control heard about Cherry’s love, they gave her some kittens to watch and with which they could play. The results are just adorable! Open next Page To See More




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