German Shepherd’s Paternal Instincts Kick In To Care For Orphaned Fawns

Sarge immediately settled into his new role as foster parent for little Buckwheat, making sure the baby deer was still in his field of vision. In fact, Sarge always fit into everything the baby deer was doing.

If the buckwheat ate, Sarge would join him. If the little fawn was going to take a nap, Sarge would watch him. When Buckwheat played and became more stable on his feet, Sarge was there to encourage and support him.

He was just looking after the little baby

As the little deer gained confidence and set out to explore the great outdoors, Sarge was his shadow and followed him everywhere, always ensuring that Buckwheat was never in danger.

In fact, if Sarge felt that Buckwheat was moving away a little too much, he would often bring him back in his herd to keep him safe under the porch.

Eventually, Buckwheat grew up and it was time for him to return to the wild.

But it wasn’t the end for Sarge – he was just starting to do his job as a foster parent for the little deer.

At that time, the connection between Buckwheat and Sarge became known, and Sarge managed to raise Buckwheat. As a result, we ended up giving him a new little fawn to treat. Then, after that, another one arrived. Then another, and the cycle continued.

As a result, Sarge and Cheryl ended up being regular contacts for the rehabilitation of wildlife related to orphaned or abandoned fawns.

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