Golden retriever Henry found abandoned with 46-pound tumor

Golden retriever Henry found abandoned with 46-pound tumor
dogs are not only a lifetime commitment but also a lifetime expense and for some owners, they cannot cope if their pet develops a disease that results in costly bills.

But there are shelters and charities that can help; no animal should manage on its own with a chronic disease.

Unfortunately, Henry, the 8-year-old golden retriever, was found abandoned in Newport Beach, California a few years ago. He had trouble walking because of a 46-pound tumor growing on his side, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Rescuers believe he was abandoned because of his tumor and knew they had to act quickly to relieve his discomfort.

Animal control supervisor Valerie Schomberg has made it her mission to help this gentle and affectionate dog and even managed to get her a $ 500 grant to cover the cost of the surgery.open next Page to see More

Veterinarian Karla Nichols told Inside Edition that the tumor made it very difficult for Henry to move.

“It was very obvious that his right front leg was having trouble supporting his weight.”

Five days after being found abandoned, Henry was operated on and was a much happier dog, now weighing only 78 pounds.




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