Golden Retriever Holds 6 Tennis Balls In His Mouth!


Finley the Golden Retriever of Canandaigua, New York loves tennis balls. Sure, all dogs love to play fetch with a good tennis ball, but Finley is the biggest ball hog we’ve ever seen. This is because Finley likes to hold 6 tennis balls in his mouth at once! It’s a special thing he learned himself, and it’s actually more than the current world record, which is only 5 tennis balls at a time.

Finley’s Special Talent
Finley started this unique skill on his own. His parents, Cheri and Rob Molloy, always knew he liked to take tennis balls. However, when he started approaching them with 4 tennis balls in their mouths at once, they were shocked. They had never seen anything like it!

“I watch and he trots toward me with four tennis balls in my mouth,” said Erin Molloy, daughter of Cheri and Rob.open next Page To See More 











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