Golden Retriever Holds 6 Tennis Balls In His Mouth!



Four tennis balls soon became five. Then five became six! Finley was determined to keep as many balls as possible for him.

Finley has an interesting way to collect all the balls, however. He prefers to have family members throw him one ball at a time. He will catch a ball in his mouth, then put it down to catch another. Once he has 6 balls near him, he casually picks them up in his mouth.

Sometimes he takes them all easily, but other times he has a hard time keeping the last ones. But whatever the case, Finley is still determined. Once he has decided to hold the 6 balls, he does not give up.

Even though Finley can hold more balls than the current record holder, the Molloys are still working hard to get his name in Guinness World Records. It’s a difficult process with a lot of strict requirements, but the family is working hard to get Finley labeled as the new record holder.

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Finley will never tire of playing with tennis balls. He is constantly looking for someone to throw the balls at so that he can retrieve them. Even when he has no one to play with, he throws the balls for himself! It will lie on its back in the grass, holding the ball between its legs. Then he will run after him!

This adorable Golden Retriever has grown in popularity so much that his family even made his own Instagram page! It currently has over 29,000 subscribers! His parents are amazed that so many people want to see Finley playing tennis balls, but they are also grateful that Finley found something that made him so happy.

Hopefully Finley will soon get the world record he deserves! Until then, he will continue to play with his tennis balls as much as he wants. A good game of fetch will never age for this sweet puppy.



H/T: usatoday.com
Featured Image: @finnyboymolloy/Instagram


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