Goodest Boy Has His Very Own Business Cards

Goodest Boy has his own business cards
Most dogs do not need a business card – but most dogs are not Benji. The friendly lab meets so many people that he likes to give them something to remember him.

Russel Teck, Benji’s father, creates the cards on his computer and prints them for his puppy. On the front, the card reads: “My name is Benji. I hope my visit illuminated your day. ”

As a therapy dog, Benji has spent the last five years visiting people who need comfort in retirement homes, high schools and a local hospital. After nearly 1000 visits, everyone knows his name.

“Everyone loves this dog, especially at the hospital,” Teck told Dodo. “I hear his name being called from the moment I walk through the front door to the second I’m leaving.”

“There are known guards at the door of the seventh-floor nurses,” Teck added. “Everyone knows him.”Open next Page To see More



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