Grandpa brings his dog to the furniture store to make sure she also loves the chair


Believe it or not, there was once a day when Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather did not want a dog at all – but now, he pretty much embodies what it means to be a proud parent for his pet.

It all began when he met Coco.

“Coco is the dog grandfather never wanted but can not live without,” Dahl told  “They are the best friends he did not know he needed.”

It is safe to say that Coco and Grandpa are simply inseparable. When they are not in town for an adventure, the nice couples bask together in their favorite chair.

Recently, however, this seated and tried-and-true seat was retired, prompting the search for a replacement with a very important caveat.

“When grandmother and grandfather moved out, they [had to buy] new furniture,” said Dahl. “Grandpa demanded that the footrest of his chaise longue be wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.”

So, adorably, Grandpa brought Coco to the furniture store to make sure what he had bought was fine. Open next Page To see more




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