grieving dog always keeps a place in bed for his dead best friend



The two, both dogs of Lhasa Apsos, were best friends and completely inseparable. A photo of Harry sitting next to the empty bed is simply heartbreaking and moving.

George left the family more than a year ago, but Harry still decides to sit next to the bed where he used to sleep with his best friend.

“Almost a year on and he clearly still misses George! He sleeps on the floor to the side of the bed now quite often but I didn’t realise why until I was looking through photos of them both from a year ago and saw the photo I tweeted which made me realise,” she later added.

It’s clear that this pup misses George madly, and it must be incredibly tough for a four-footer to lose a best friend. When George passed, Harry was there in his final moments.


“We took Harry to the vets when George was asleep and we stayed next to him all the time,” Caitlin said.
The picture is incredibly emotional, especially when you put two images side by side. Caitlin’s tweet was seen by thousands of people, and she was inundated with comments containing warm words.


Source: caitlinwynne2 (Twitter)Mirror

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