Guy Can’t Believe He’s Seeing Cat Again After[ 3 Years] Missing

“Everybody was just in tears … They couldn’t believe it” 😍🐱

A cat named Violet has never stopped surprising her family since the day they adopted her.

In 2012, Drew Potter adopted Violet, a Persian mix, from a shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a gift to his daughter and daughter-in-law.

“I got it at a time when my family was going through a separation,” Potter told Dodo. “I was going out with my daughter’s mother and we had been together for about seven years, but we were coming to the end of our relationship and it was a very, very sad time for the girls in particular.”

Yet Violet seemed to cheer everyone up – more than Potter had imagined.

“I brought her home to raise morale, and she did it very effectively,” said Potter. “We really all enjoyed Violet. She was sweet and kind.

But a year and a half later, Violet disappeared mysteriously.

“I advised the girls not to let her out because she was an indoor cat, but it happened anyway,” said Potter. “For about a week or two, she was staying right next to the house, so the girls kept doing it because Violet really liked being outside. Long story short, she just disappeared. I somehow supposed that someone had seized it because it looked like a cat so expensive. “Open next Page to See More




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