Guy shared 28 incredible rescued dog transformations and shows what love can do


David Fernández, 26, sets out to transform neglected and unrecognizable dogs into happy pets. While most passers-by would not dare touch these cases of severe scabies and tangled hair, Fernández takes care of oppressed dogs by providing them with the veterinary care they need and finding loving adoptive families. You will be amazed at what these dogs look like after a few months of good food and good care.

The city of Santiago, Chile, where Fernández works, is full of stray dogs. Although the Chilean community often provides food and shelter for stray dogs and strongly opposes slaughter proposals for their people, sleeping hard is not always easy for dogs. As you can see from the photos posted by Fernández, dogs living outside are vulnerable to scabies, injury, infection and all the discomfort that poor hygiene can cause.




57% of Chileans believe that measures to control stray dogs other than euthanasia should be implemented, and public policy is gradually shifting towards controlling the population of stray dogs. The Santiago Metropolitan Regional Council has invested 3 billion Chilean pesos (CAD $ 5,000,000 or € 3,400,000) in the sterilization and castration of dogs in order to slow the growth of the stray population. Recently passed laws have also banned animal abandonment and made microchipping compulsory in the hope that animals do not end up on the streets.






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