[Heartbreaking] Photo Series Captures The Raw Grief Of Owners As Their Pets Are Being Euthanized



This series of images can be difficult to understand.

The heartbreaking series “Last Moments” was created by photographer Ross Taylor. Taylor was “deeply moved” when one of his friends fought with the death of his pet and the idea for the series was born.

Each photo shows the emotional connection between the animal and the owner and is taken at the end of the animal’s life, before or after euthanasia at home.

All photos were taken in 2017 and 2018 around Tampa Bay, Florida. A pet home euthanasia service called Lap of Love provided assistance to each family so that their beloved pets could die peacefully at home rather than at the vet.

In this photo, Olesya Lykovi collapses after the death of her dog, Sam. Just before the picture was taken, she asked the doctor if her dog was gone.

The doctor said, “He has his wings now.”

When her beloved dog passed away, Kiara Manrique wept, saying, “I tried to do more, I tried to do all I can. But they said there’s nothing more I can do.”

Her sister, Kimberly, was there to comfort her in her grief.


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