Heroic dog saves baby deer from drowning

If you think you have already seen everything that dogs can do, we bet, you have never seen or heard something as unique as our next story.


Storm, a Golden Retriever from England, and his father, Mark Freeley, noticed a creature struggling to get out of the water on a beach in Long Island, New York.


The storm only took a few seconds to jump into the water to save the drowning animal, the animal was a wounded baby.

The single scene was recorded by the owner and the images became viral on social media.

“[Storm] plunged into the water and started swimming up to the fawn, grabbed his neck and started to swim to the coast,” Freeley told WCBS-TV.

But that’s not all, our hero after taking out the baby deer himself, he kept it warm on the shore by staying at his side.

Storm and Mark stayed with the scared animal until Strong Island Animal Rescue volunteers arrived.

The poor cat was so frightened that he jumped back on the water and this time was saved by Frankie Florida, a Strong Island Animal Rescue volunteer.

“I did not really have much choice,” he told the New York Daily News. “If I did not go in the water, the deer would be dead.”

The baby fawn should try to heal for a few months until he returns to the wild, meanwhile, Stormi should be proud of his heroic heart.

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